Barnsley Civic Trust annual general meeting

A short annual general meeting will take place at 7pm on Tuesday 11 June 2019. It will last about half an hour. Nominations are welcome to join the executive committee – please contact the secretary for a form. Refreshments will be available from 6.30pm. 

The main part of the evening will be an illustrated talk by Stuart Currie of the Tasker Trust on the historic streets of the town, the significant buildings sadly lost in the changes which have taken place over  the last 100 years and the buildings which we really should ensure do not disappear in the future. An important role for Barnsley Civic Trust. 

Masonic Hall, Cockerham Lane off Huddersfield Road (just north of Barnsley Town Centre)

Centenary Commemoration of Barnsley Pals Colours laying up

The Centenary Commemoration of the laying-up in St Mary’s of the Barnsley Pals Colours is being held on Sunday afternoon 2 June 2019.

A local project led by Jane Ainsworth has produced new replica  colours for the 13th and 14th Battalions of the York and Lancaster regiment. (First and Second Barnsley Pals)

There will be a procession to the Cenotaph led by a colour party carrying the new replica flags, accompanied by Dodworth Colliery Band, followed by a short ceremony at the Cenotaph and a commemoration service at St Mary’s Church

1.30 pm – assemble with exhibition in St Mary’s Church
2.00 pm – procession to the Cenotaph down Church St
2.15 pm – ceremony at Cenotaph – 2-minute silence
2.30 pm – commemoration service at St Mary’s Church

Glass making in South Yorkshire

Joseph Bramah Annual Memorial Lecture

‘Glass Making in South Yorkshire – its History and Technology’ by Hugh Willmott.

Dr Hugh Willmott is a Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at Sheffield University and is an inspirational speaker.

The talk is open to all and there is no charge.
It will be held at 7.00pm on Monday 25th March, 2019, at the Cooper Gallery, Barnsley.

South Yorkshire Industrial Heritage Society is presenting the Joseph Bramah memorial lecture, sponsored by Barnsley Council, to commemorate the great engineer. It is jointly promoted by Barnsley Civic Trust.

James Hudson Taylor talk

Great talk on Tuesday 26 February by Fred Thompson and Philip Nuthall on the James Hudson Taylor trail in Barnsley and on Salem Church. We discusssed raising awareness of James Hudson Taylor and attracting more people to Barnsley to visit Salem Church and follow the trail.

Good to know that the two Barnsley Civic Trust blue plaques started the trail in 2012; now augmented by the red plaques of the trail

JAMES HUDSON TAYLOR TALK – 7pm on Tuesday 26 February

James Hudson Taylor – a lad from Barnsley who in the 19th century became a missionary, went to China, and founded one of the largest movements in the world.

Philip Nuttall and Fred Thompson from Barnsley’s James Hudson Taylor Group are giving an illustrated talk on James Hudson Taylor and the trail that marks 24 sites of his early life in Barnsley.

The talk is illustrated by photographs from the early 1900s, by permission of the Tasker Trust, when much of Barnsley remained as it did in James Hudson Taylor’s time.

The presentation also includes information on Salem Wesleyan Reform Church, built in 1825 and a ‘home church’ of the Hudson Taylor family.

The Barnsley Civic Trust talk takes place on Tuesday 26th February at 7.00 pm at the Masonic Hall, Cockerham Lane, Barnsley S75 1AT. All welcome.

Proposed gyratory planning application

Following additional information provided for the planning application for the proposed gyratory at Penny Pie Park, Barnsley Civic Trust reiterated its objection to the planning application and stated that in our view the proposal does not provide an adequate solution to the present traffic-flow problem.

It does however cause increased noise and pollution by fumes close to existing housing as well as taking away much of the green space used by local people.

Talk on getting good design in our town

Tom Lonsdale gave an interesting and informative talk on Design in Regeneration and the work of the  Barnsley Design Panel; members of Barnsley Civic Trust were joined by others interested in the topic at a recent meeting.  Tom, the chair of the Design Panel, covered a wide range of aspects of design and some of the major schemes in the town centre.

This talk is one of a series of talks promoted by Barnsley Civic Trust