Barnsley Civic Trust runs a ‘Blue Plaque’ scheme to honour significant Barnsley people and events.

‘Blue plaques’ are put up to recognise a building or place’s connection with a significant person from Barnsley or with an event in the history of Barnsley.

The person might be a prominent individual in the history of the borough or someone whose achievements are more widely known. By agreeing a Blue Plaque, we celebrate these people – the Best of Barnsley – and what they have achieved.

Some Blue Plaques have also been erected to commemorate events which took place at the location rather than the people who lived, worked or studied there.

You can contact Barnsley Civic Trust if you want to make a proposal for a Blue Plaque. Your proposal will then be considered by the Barnsley Civic Trust committee.

List of known Blue Plaques in Barnsley

Joseph Locke. Three plaques …
Cooper Gallery, Church Street, Barnsley.
Joseph Locke Railway Engineer Attended Barnsley Grammar School here. 1812-18

Shambles Street, Barnsley.
On this site lived William Locke father of Joseph Locke Railway Engineer 1805-1860

Locke Park, Barnsley.
This park was donated to the town in memory of Joseph Locke, railway engineer, 1805-1860, who was raised in Barnsley.
[Barnsley’s Heritage]

Matthew Carrington Sykes. 18 Regent Street, Barnsley.
On this site lived Matthew Carrington Sykes 1858-1922 Barnsley doctor, surgeon and philanthropist, he presented the town with the chain of office of the Mayoress in 1902. [2008]

Samuel Joshua Cooper. Cooper Gallery, Church Street, Barnsley.
Samuel Joshua Cooper 1830-1913 Who gave this Art Gallery to the people of Barnsley [2009]

Warner Gothard. Regent Street South, Barnsley.
These shops and offices were erected in 1927 by Warner Gothard, Barnsley photographer, 1865-1940, pioneer of the montage postcard. He donated Seckar Wood for the benefit of the people of Barnsley and Wakefield. [2009]

Edward G. Tasker. 36 New Street, Barnsley.
Here, from 1946 to 1989, stood the photographic shop of Edward G. Tasker MBE, JP, ARPS 1910-1989 local historian and photographer, author of ‘Barnsley Streets’ and inspiration for the Ted Tasker Photographic Trust. [2009]

Charlie Williams. The Civic Hall, Eldon Street, Barnsley. Charlie Williams MBE 1927-2006. Performed here. A footballer, comedian and entertainer who never forgot his Barnsley roots. “Hey up me old flower, in’t it a lovely day?” [2011*]

James Hudson Taylor. Boots, Cheapside, Barnsley.
James Hudson Taylor (1832-1905). Founder of the China Inland Mission was born on this site. [2012] [Look also for the James Hudson Trail red plaques]

James Hugh Burland. Premier Inn, Gateway Plaza, Barnsley.
John Hugh Burland 1819-1885. Chartist and author of Annals of Barnsley. Born on this site. [2014]

Cannon Hall Second World War Military Camp, Resettlement Camp, Displaced Persons Hostel. 1940-1952. South Lodge, The Park, Tivydale, Cawthorne. [2013*]

Grimethorpe Colliery Band.
Acorn Centre, Grimethorpe.
Home of the world-renowned Grimethorpe Colliery Band. Founded in 1917. Stars of the film “Brassed off” [BBC Music Day. Radio Sheffield. British Plaque Trust. 2017*]

The Old Gawber Glassworks. Redcliffe Close, Gawber, Barnsley
Marks the site. [Gawber History Group 2017].

Joseph Bramah. Long Barn, Wentworth Castle, Stainborough.
Joseph Bramah 1748 -1814. Born Stainborough Lane farm on the Wentworth Castle Estate. A pioneer of hydraulic engineering. Prolific inventor, locksmith & engineer. 18 patents (1778-1812) incl. Hydraulic press, flushing toilet, Bramah lock and beer pump. His fire pump was the first continuous pressure fire engine, one of which was built for the Wentworth Castle Estate. He lived in London and is buried at St Mary’s Paddington. [2017]

Barnsley Synagogue. 82 Castlereagh Street, Barnsley.
This plaque was erected to commemorate this house being used as a Synagogue for the Barnsley Jewish Community from 1903 to 1946. [2018]

Barry Hines. 78 Hoyland Road, Hoyland Common.
Barry Hines 1939-2016. Author of ‘A Kestrel for a Knave’ and other novels which gave a voice toworking-class people, lived here 1970-1976. [Yorkshire Society 2019*]

* Blue Plaques produced independently of Barnsley Civic Trust and its forerunners.

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