Barnsley’s has great historic buildings and places but many have been lost to development. Do you know of important and cherished buildings and places in Barnsley that are not protected? There’s now an opportunity to protect those that survive by putting them on the Local Heritage List.

Being on the Local List ensures that their significance is considered in planning applications. ‘Local Listing’ can help give them some protection against demolition, removal or harmful modification.

Anyone can nominate a heritage ‘asset’ – which could be a building, structure, garden, landmark, archaeological site or landscape – and it will be considered for adding to the Local Heritage List. You’ll need to check that it’s not already protected nationally by Historic England.

Local people, community groups, history groups and heritage organisations in Barnsley can all nominate heritage assets to go on the Local Heritage List.

Barnsley Civic Trust has had a talk by Sarah Cattell who is leading the Local Heritage Listing Project for South Yorkshire Archaeology Service.

Visit the website to find out more and get involved. There you will find the list itself, information about local heritage listing, “how to” guides and the nomination form to put forward something that you think deserves protection. There is also a blog and forum for users to share information and ask questions.

You can also contact Barnsley Civic Trust to see if we can help.