Objection to gyratory proposals at Penny Pie Park

Barnsley Civic Trust has made a formal objection to the current proposals to construct a traffic gyratory system at the junction of Broadway, Dodworth Road and Pogmoor Road.

The planning application would see much of Penny Pie Park lost and a three-lane road encircling a substantial part of the remaining greenspace.

We are not convinced from the available evidence that the proposals would solve the existing traffic congestion.

In our view the perceived benefits do not outweigh the level of harm resulting from the proposals.

Penny Pie Park statement following BCT Exec meeting

2 thoughts on “Objection to gyratory proposals at Penny Pie Park”

  1. Hello, Re Penny Pie Park. Today a Heli-med helicopter (HEL180) flew low over my house in Gawber and presumably landed on the designated area on Penny Pie Park.
    According to Flight Radar 24 this helicopter came from east of Manchester landed on Penny Pie Park then took off again and appears to have landed at Oxford airport.
    What I would like to know is how many landings have taken place this year so far and what provision is being made for an alternative landing pad close to Barnsley general Hospital and if this has not been planned is this in itself a very good reason for retaining the park?

    1. Have you managed to find out the answers to your questions?

      The position of Barnsley Council appears to be that alternative arrangements will be made

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